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Braille Translation Software

Braille translation software is software to change word document text from a computer into Braille dots on a Braille writer or embosser connected to the computer. Each Braille writer will recommend the best software but don't assume the software is included. It can be an expensive additional purchase.





Optek Systems

Quantum RLV

Duxbury section: Duxbury is software that can be installed on your computer to connect it to an embosser in order to print Braille paper. You can copy and paste text from your email or internet into Duxbury and it will format it to print in braille grade 1 or grade 2. Duxbury has many formatting options and is easy to use as it is very similar to a word processor.

For more information - HumanWare; Optek Systems; Quantum Reading Learning Vision.Back


Suppliers for Braille Translation Software:


Optek Systems

Quantum Reading Learning Vision

Vision Australia


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