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LookyLoo for Windows

Platform: Windows 98, XP, Vista and 7. 32 or 64-bit.

LookyLoo is a fun application that displays a set of eyes on your screen. These eyes follow your mouse cursor around as it moves (Project was abandoned).



1. Click 'Download' LookyLoo link above and save to your Desktop or Download folder. 
2. Make sure to close all programs first before installing LookyLoo .exe file.
3. Open ‘LookyLoo.exe’ file.
4. If ‘Welcome’ dialog box appears, click ‘Continue’ button.
5. If the sub-wizard box appears, it says ‘The specified output folder does not exist. Create it?’, click ‘Yes’ button.
6. After the new folder is installed, click ‘Next’ button.
7. ‘The installer will install LookyLoo in the following folder’, click ‘Next’ button.
8. ‘The installer is ready to install LookyLoo on your computer’, click ‘Next’ button.
9. The installation is complete, click ‘Close’ button.
10. Reboot your computer to make sure your computer is working fine.
11. After rebooting, then you may see LookyLoo’s two eyes on top middle of your screen.

You can drag LookyLoo’s one of two eyes to anywhere of your screen, put your mouse pointer onto LookyLoo’s one of it’s eyes, click right button of your mouse to see some settings of your interest.


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